Navigate in Outaouais

Navigate in Outaouais

Last addition on offers of Location des Quatre Lacs, pontoons available on the Outaouais River are added to destinations popular with people living in big cities. Indeed, only 1h20 away from Montreal and Ottawa, ​City dwellers who love nature will be served by taking advantage of unique landscapes of the region on the longest river in Quebec.


Pontoon in Outaouais


When you rent one of our pontoons on the Ottawa River you will have the unique opportunity to access a secluded beach that is only accessible by pontoon. Just 20 minutes from our marina, this beach offers shallow waters ideal for safe swimming and sunbathing. For an even more memorable experience, 45 minutes from the beach would sail you to the municipal wharf in the town of Montebello. You can disembark there and explore its unique charms. Enjoy a meal at the local bistro to savor the culinary delights of the region.

Our starting points


​975 rue Main St. Est, Hawkesbury, ON

Golden Anchor Marina

Due to its size, the river is full of secrets such as the Morrison quarry, known for its turquoise waters. Finally, to end your day of swimming, fishing and boating on one of the most impressive bodies of water in Quebec, let yourself be tempted by the gastronomic and cultural scene of the surrounding town of Hawkesbury.

Attractions such as Le Chenail museum and diverse restaurants such as Riverest and Le Vieux Château will charm you and who knows, maybe even make you want to come back and sail the Outaouais/Ottawa river!

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Picto Beach

Red river


Picto City



Picto Beach



Picto Bay



Picto City




Navigating by boat to discover the Red River Beach is an enchanting experience that unveils the natural splendor of this destination. Waterway access provides a unique perspective on this pristine beach nestled along the picturesque banks of the river. Aboard the boat, calm waters guide visitors to this haven of golden sand, where tranquil isolation meets the gentle murmur of the waves.

The Red river Beach captivates with its natural charm, surrounded by lush vegetation and offering a soothing panorama of the surroundings. Boaters can drop anchor to soak up the sun, swim in the freshwater, or simply contemplate the riverside scenery. Exploring this beach by boat creates an intimate connection with nature, providing a serene getaway from the daily hustle and bustle.


Navigating in the Montebello area provides a unique perspective on natural and cultural gems. The journey begins in the town of Montebello, disembarking at the city’s docks and savoring local cheese from the Montebello cheese factory or exploring various souvenir stands, creameries, and chocolate shops until reaching the Château Montebello, an architectural masterpiece lining the shores of the Ottawa River.

Continuing north (for minimum 2-day rentals), the majestic Rideau Falls and picturesque islands create must-visit stops. Historic bridges spanning the river add an authentic touch to your journey.

Throughout your cruise, peaceful beaches offer ideal spots to relax, while riverside villages like Chute-à-Blondeau allow exploration of the rich local history. Heading up the river, the Laurentian Mountains provide a spectacular backdrop, and Montebello’s municipal beach offers a perfect place to end your day on the boat. In summary, navigating in the Montebello area offers a diverse range of experiences, from pristine nature to cultural discovery.


The Orignal Beach, along the Ottawa River, offers an ideal getaway for those looking to enjoy the sun and water by boat. Navigating towards this picturesque beach, every minute builds anticipation for fine sand and clear waters.

Anchoring the boat along this welcoming stretch allows boaters to create their own ephemeral oasis, with the opportunity to swim in refreshing waters, enjoy picnics, and relax under the bright sun. The Orignal Beach, accessible by waterway, becomes a preferred destination for those seeking a day on the boat that combines aquatic fun and beachside relaxation.


Discover the serenity of Atocas Bay as you sail to this destination! Immerse yourself in the calming tranquility of this vast bay, where peace reigns supreme. Let yourself be carried away by a peaceful experience on the water while exploring the corners of this enchanting place.


Navigating the Ottawa region is an enchanting experience that reveals the natural and historical majesty of this iconic Canadian location. The Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers a picturesque waterway connecting the city of Ottawa to Kingston. Cruising its calm waters reveals a unique perspective on Canada’s history, with well-preserved locks and charming urban landscapes.

The nearby Rideau Falls add a touch of natural grandeur to this aquatic adventure. The roar of the falls and the spray’s rainbow create a spectacular atmosphere that underscores the power of nature. The Ottawa River, meandering through the region, offers another facet of natural beauty with its green shores and panoramic views.

Navigating this region, between the historical past of the Rideau Canal, the splendor of the Rideau Falls, and the tranquility of the Ottawa River, awakens a sense of wonder and connection with the nature and history of Canada. Please note that a multi-day rental is recommended to fully explore this region.