Navigate in Monteregie

Navigate in Monteregie

Navigating in Montérégie, offers a captivating experience in the heart of a region rich in history and natural beauty. The waters of Lake Saint-François offer an ideal playground for sailing enthusiasts. Explore the islands picturesque beaches, peaceful beaches and stunning views on the verdant shores. Whether you are passionate about sailing, kayaking or motorboating, this area is full of boating opportunities. ​Boaters can also discover the charm of Valleyfield, a bustling port city, by stopping by to enjoy the local culture and regional cuisine. An unforgettable maritime adventure awaits you in Montérégie with Location des Quatre Lacs!


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Parc Delpha Sauvé

240 rue Victoria, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, QC
Watercraft Rental Centre
Rental service for kayaks, paddle boards, pedal boats

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Picto Beach




Baie Saint-François in Valleyfield, the aquatic cradle of thrilling activities, is an invitation to wonder in the heart of Quebec. Its calm waters, reflecting the charm of the city, provide an ideal backdrop for a plethora of water activities. Yachtsmen ply its canals, discovering picturesque nooks and crannies where bustling docks rub shoulders with verdant shores.

Water sports enthusiasts find their paradise with kayaking and paddleboarding, exploring the meanders of the basin under bright blue skies. Regattas and nautical competitions punctuate the scene, attracting enthusiasts and enthusiastic spectators. Moreover, there is a rental center on site to allow all these activities.

The beaches of the Bassin Saint-François become summer havens, where swimmers bask in the sun, while the waterfront parks offer spaces conducive to family picnics. The sunsets over the basin create a magical atmosphere, crowning a day of memorable aquatic adventures in Valleyfield. And why not end your day at the Bar Terrasse La Cale to have a drink and listen to good bands?

saint-François Lake

St-François Lake, Valleyfield’s liquid jewel, unfolds its serene charm in the heart of the Suroît region. Its vast, tranquil waters reflect the changing sky, creating a calming landscape that evokes tranquility and escape.

The shores of Lake Saint-François are home to a myriad of recreational activities, from boat rides to peaceful fishing sessions. Boaters travel its waters, discovering picturesque vistas and islands that add a touch of adventure. Waterfowl dance on the surface, adding a natural symphony to the peaceful atmosphere of the lake.

The beaches along Lake Saint-François offer places to relax in the great outdoors, where families and friends gather for sunny days. In the evening, the lake becomes a palette of colours as the sun sets, lighting up the sky and creating unforgettable moments on the tranquil shores of Valleyfield


The Beauharnois Canal, a remarkable work of engineering on the St. Lawrence, is the vital link between Lake Saint-François and Lake St-Louis.

Built in the 1930s, it is an essential waterway for the transportation of goods. The majestic locks allow boats to pass through the channel’s varying levels, creating a seamless connection between the Great Lakes and the Atlantic. This maritime corridor is a testament to human ingenuity and the crucial importance of waterways in the economic and historical fabric of Quebec.


Saint-Thimothée Beach, nestled in the heart of Lake Saint-François in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, is a summer oasis where golden sand meets sparkling waters. This family-friendly beach offers a relaxed atmosphere, ideal for sunny days. Bathers immerse themselves in the fresh waters, while children build sandcastles on the shore

Equipped with modern facilities, Saint-Timothée Beach welcomes picnics, beach games and water activities. Visitors can rent boats, explore the coastal paths, or simply relax by the water. With its panoramic view of Lake Saint-François, Saint-Timothée Beach offers a natural escape appreciated by all.