Navigate in Mauricie

Navigate in Mauricie

Mauricie is a region of Quebec known for its tourism, thanks in part to its national park containing more than 150 lakes. Hosting the major cities of Trois-Rivières and Shawinigan, the Mauricie region abounds in culture and of life, making it a popular place for summer vacations for all Quebecers. Newly offered by the Location Des Quatres Lacs, let yourself be dazzled by the beauty of this provincial gem!


Ponton Mauricie

Our starting points

Trois-Rivières Yacht Club

250 Av. des Draveurs, Trois-Rivières, QC

Old Bridge Marina (GRAND-MÈRE)

 ​8 Av. de Grand-Mère, Shawinigan, QC

Trois-Rivières Yacht club

Our pontoons located at the charming Trois-Rivières Yacht Club are 21 and 23 feet long and equipped with 90 horsepower engines! Positioned at the crossroads between the St. Lawrence River, Lake Saint-Pierre and the Saint-Maurice River, boarding takes place at the Yacht Club of Trois-Rivières adjacent to the Cogeco Amphitheater. You will have an amplitude of navigation options during your pontoon rental, allowing you to adjust your day according to your preferences and your driving experience. With family or friends, attractions unique to the region will amaze you on the lake, such as swimming on Saint-Quentin Island, gatherings at La Petite Floride in Bécancour, or fishing on Lac Saint-Pierre.

Back on solid ground, it is only a 15-minute walk that separates you from downtown Trois-Rivières, where the offer of restaurants and entertainment is impressive! Indeed, from local restaurants like Le Temps d’une Pinte or the Microbrasserie Archibald to shows for the whole family at the Cogeco Amphitheatre, a colorful evening awaits you every time you leave the Yacht Club! You can visit the Tourisme Trois-Rivières website directly to learn more about the range of activities that can accompany your pontoon rental!

Old Bridge Marina (Grand-Mère)

The Marina of the Old-bridge of Shawinigan, where our pontoons are stationned, is located on the Saint-Maurice River. Directly next to the majestic Old-bridge of Grand-Mère, the pontoon navigable surface on the river offers diversified views, including landscapes specific to The Mauricie National Park, where it is not uncommon to see bears or moose on the banks. When hunger inevitably surprises you during your day of nautical adventures, you will be able to dock on the wharf of Café-Bistro 2800 to share a moment with your family before resuming navigation!

To enhance your day on the boat, the city of Shawinigan also offers a wide range of attractions and small local finds, such as the popular Trou du diable microbrewery, named after a Mauricie legend, or several sky museums. open to visit during your visit to the city, such as the Lumberjack Village or the interzone. In short, the city of Shawinigan has everything to welcome you as real navigators!

Our points of interest

Picto Rivière



Picto Lac



Picto Lac



Picto île



Picto île



Picto Rivière



Picto Rivière



Picto Rivière



Picto Parc

Le 2800


Saint-Maurice River

Navigating the Saint-Maurice River from Grand-Mère offers a captivating immersion into a river landscape rich in history and natural beauty. At the outset, boaters can venture along the river, discovering picturesque treasures at every turn.

The waters of the Saint-Maurice River offer a unique blend of tranquility and excitement, with calm stretches ideal for contemplation and various fish species for fishing enthusiasts. Wooded shores and islands provide places for exploration, while waterfalls and cascades add a majestic dimension to the entire journey.

The Mauricie National Park, accessible by the river, offers stops where boaters can enjoy pristine nature, hiking trails, and the diversity of local wildlife. Along the way, you can discover the picturesque village of Grandes-Piles and its bistros. You’ll find a free municipal dock where you can savor excellent oven-baked pizza at Épave Bistro Marina. Across the river, you have Saint-Jean-des-Piles for a refueling stop at the convenience store or a good meal at Auberge au Goglus. Continuing your journey, you have the restaurant Le 2800 du Parc, an exceptional place with a beautiful estate to visit. Throughout the Saint-Maurice, you’ll find several islets to stop at, known for their natural sandy beaches, including Pin Island, North Island, Birch Island, and Mékinak Island. Take a break to relax, have a picnic, and swim.

A must-visit after your boat tour is the historic locks, including those at the Cité de l’Énergie complex in Shawinigan, adding a technical and heritage dimension to the experience. And why not finish at the Brasseurs de Grand-Mère dock, just a few meters from our dock.

In summary, navigating the Saint-Maurice River from Shawinigan is more than just a boat excursion; it’s an immersion into a vibrant river landscape, laden with history, where every paddle stroke reveals a new chapter of this unforgettable river adventure.

Saint-Laurent River

A day on a pontoon boat on the majestic Saint Lawrence River near Trois-Rivières promises an adventure rich in discoveries and relaxation. In the morning, the pontoon glides gently on the calm waters of the river, offering a panoramic view of picturesque shores and the riverside landscape. 

Boaters can choose to navigate towards the estuary, exploring the scattered islands along the river. These islands provide ideal stops for refreshing swims or enjoying a picnic in the heart of nature.

Heading back towards Trois-Rivières, the pontoon passes by Parc de l’île Saint-Quentin, where tranquil waters allow for smooth navigation. There, fishing enthusiasts can drop anchor to try their luck, and bird enthusiasts can observe the region’s rich birdlife.

Passing under the majestic Laviolette Bridge offers a unique perspective on the imposing architecture of this structure that connects the northern and southern shores of the river.

The afternoon is perfect for discovering Old Trois-Rivières from the water, with its lively quays and historical ambiance. Boaters can choose to linger in the Trois-Rivières marina, exploring the surroundings on foot or savoring local specialties in riverside restaurants.

As the sun begins to set, the pontoon provides an ideal platform to admire the spectacle of the sunset over the river. The warm hues of the sky reflect on the water, creating a soothing atmosphere to conclude this memorable day in tranquility.

Saint-Pierre Lake

Lake Saint-Pierre, a natural treasure of the Saint Lawrence River, unfolds as an inland sea in the heart of Quebec. Recognized as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, this freshwater lake is the largest body of water in the Saint Lawrence. Its waters harbor exceptional biodiversity, making Lake Saint-Pierre a privileged stop for ornithologists, with thousands of migratory birds making a pause along its shores.

The islands dotting the lake, marshes, and green spaces make it an oasis of tranquility and a refuge for numerous animal species. Enthusiasts of boating find in its calm waters an ideal terrain to explore its picturesque corners. Lake Saint-Pierre, with its delicate balance between wilderness and ecological heritage, offers a peaceful escape in the heart of the Saint Lawrence.

Sorel Islands

​The Sorel Islands, natural jewels anchored in the Saint Lawrence River, offer an idyllic escape in the heart of Quebec. These islands, like river pearls, enchant with their biodiversity and serene beauty. From the winding trails of Saint-Ignace Island to the pristine beaches of Fishermen’s Island, each island has its own personality.

Navigating around these islands reveals picturesque landscapes, migratory bird marshes, and secluded spots to anchor for a peaceful break. The Isle aux Moulins, a historical vestige, recalls the flourishing industry that once animated the region.

The Sorel Islands thus become an invitation to discovery, relaxation, and exploration of a unique riverine ecosystem, where time seems suspended, and nature retains its wild charm.

Saint-Quentin Island

​The Beach of Île Saint-Quentin, located near Trois-Rivières, offers a serene getaway in the heart of nature. Bordered by the calm waters of the Saint Lawrence River, this picturesque beach is an oasis of tranquility. Visitors can relax on the fine sand, bask in the sun, or enjoy a refreshing swim in the clear waters.

Surrounded by lush vegetation, Île Saint-Quentin Beach also provides shaded picnic areas, inviting moments of outdoor camaraderie. Families, friends, and nature enthusiasts find delight on this peaceful beach, where the sounds of the waves and the gentle rustle of the wind create a natural symphony. The Beach of Île Saint-Quentin is a true gem, a place where the simplicity of nature meets serenity, offering an idyllic anchorage for a blissful escape.


​The Bécancour, Nicolet, and Batiscan rivers are must-visit destinations for exploring this corner of Quebec, weaving a scenic and historical tapestry along their courses.

The Bécancour River, meandering through farmlands and forests, offers a tranquil navigation punctuated by views of old mills and bucolic landscapes. At the river’s entrance, you’ll find La Petite Floride Beach, a highly coveted spot.

The Nicolet River, in turn, charms visitors with its winding meanders through fertile plains. Its peaceful course invites canoe excursions conducive to discovering riverside wildlife and a diverse ecosystem. You can also visit the Nautical Club de la Batture, which has a small bistro on-site.

The wild and impetuous Batiscan River fascinates thrill-seekers. Its rapids beckon adventure, while the rugged landscapes of the Laurentians unfold along its shores. At the Marina Village Batiscan, there’s an excellent restaurant where you can savor superb European-style fettuccine carbonara.

Each of these rivers, with its distinct character, offers an immersive getaway, whether for nature lovers, enthusiasts of local history, or adventurers seeking aquatic challenges. These captivating watercourses bear witness to Quebec’s history, reflecting its geographical and cultural diversity

Le 2800 du parc

The 2800 du Parc is an authentic and warm place where people come to reconnect with the essentials of life and enjoy its offerings. What could be better than a day, a weekend, or an extended vacation spent in a unique and exceptional location with a breathtaking view of the beautiful Saint-Maurice River? That’s what Le 2800 du Parc offers with its private direct access to the river. Located at the entrance of the Mauricie National Park in Saint-Jean-des-Piles, this authentic destination is 45 minutes from Trois-Rivières and less than 2.5 hours from Montreal and Quebec City.

Whether you are alone, with a partner, family, friends, or colleagues, come and enjoy our accommodation, restaurant, and our large reception hall with an outdoor extension that can accommodate between 90 and 150 people. You will be charmed by our rental cabins, available year-round and capable of accommodating 1 to 14 guests.

The 2800 du Parc is the ideal base camp to discover and connect with the natural panorama of Mauricie and engage in various outdoor activities. Take advantage of this moment of escape to board one of our pontoons and cruise for a few hours on the majestic St. Maurice River for a stroll, a swim, or simply to observe the landscapes unfolding before us!

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